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Motivation Award (Motivationspreis 2022)

Dr.-Ing. Maja Kevdzija was selected as one of the recipients of the Motivation Award given by the German Stroke Foundation (Stiftung Deutsche Schlaganfall-Hilfe). This award is given to people affected by stroke, professionals, and organizations who set an example that inspires and motivates others in the fight against stroke.

New journal publication

A new journal article entitled “Stroke Patients’ Free-Time Activities and Spatial Preferences During Inpatient Recovery in Rehabilitation Centers" authored by Maja Kevdzija, Ruzica Bozovic-Stamenovic and Gesine Marquardt was published in HERD: Health Environments Research & Design Journal with Open Access.

Conference presentation

Dr.-Ing. Maja Kevdzija was one of the invited speakers at the conference "Bau und Betrieb von Rehakliniken und Reha-Einrichtungen" in Berlin, Germany and presented the main research findings in the field of stroke rehabilitation environment design to the multidisciplinary audience from practice.

August 2022

Conference presentation

Dr.-Ing. Maja Kevdzija presented two research papers at the conference ARCH22 ‘Enabling health, care and well-being through design research’ in Delft, the Netherlands: "A day in stroke rehabilitation: exploring different inpatient experiences" and "Using shadowing for architectural research in healthcare environments: opportunities and challenges."

June 2022

New journal publication

A new journal article entitled "“Everything looks the same”: wayfinding behaviour and experiences of stroke inpatients in rehabilitation clinics" authored by Maja Kevdzija was published in the International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being with Open Access.

April 2022

NOVELL Seminar Talk

Dr.-Ing. Maja Kevdzija presented in the NOVELL Redesign seminar series with a talk: "
Exploring stroke patients' daily routines and interactions with the built environment in rehabilitation clinics". NOVELL Redesign is a healthcare redesign and innovation project involving an interdisciplinary and international team focused on transforming stroke rehabilitation environments based in Australia.

April 2022

Visit to Health & Design Lab at Politecnico di Milano

A visit to the Design & Health Lab was an opportunity to exchange research ideas and talk about potential research collaborations focusing on healthcare facility design and systematic evaluation. Possibilities for strengthening the research-based network of European universities focusing on healthcare design research were discussed and this discussion will continue at the ARCH22 conference in August.

December 2021

BUILD CARE project is selected for funding

The project "Building Support for Children and Families Affected by Stroke (BUILD CARE)" coordinated by Maja Kevdzija and including TU Wien (Faculty of Architecture), Medical University of Vienna, TU Dresden (Faculty of Architecture) and KU Leuven (Department of Architecture) as partners was selected for funding and is scheduled to start in 2022.

October 2022

December 2022

Publication featured by The Center For Health Design

As part of the 2022 Research Matters series, Addie Abushousheh, PhD, Assoc. AIA, EDAC (Research Associate at The Center for Health Design) highlighted the paper titled "Impact of distance on stroke inpatients' mobility in rehabilitation clinics: a shadowing study" published in Building Research & Information as one of 10 notable papers from 2022.

October 2022

New book chapter

A new book chapter entitled “Rehabilitation Clinics that Enhance Stroke Recovery: Rethinking the Same-for-All Design Approach" authored by Maja Kevdzija was published in the book
(Re)designing the Continuum of Care for Older Adults edited by Farhana Ferdous (USA) and Emily Roberts (USA) and published by Springer.

March - June 2023

New journal publication

A new journal article entitled “Indirect Nutrition and Mobility Risks during Hospitalization: An Architectural Perspective on the nutritionDay Study Findings" authored by Maja Kevdzija (TU Wien), Alessandro Laviano (University of Rome La Sapienza), Isabella Worf, Christian Schuh, Silvia Tarantino and Michael Hiesmayr (MedUni Wien) was published in Nutrients journal.

March 2023

Research stay at the Politecnico di Milano

Dr.-Ing. Maja Kevdzija is staying as a Visiting Researcher at the Design & Health lab at the Department of
Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering, Politecnico di Milano (Italy) for three months. The purpose of this research stay is to establish a research and teaching collaboration. The stay is funded by the NEST project (Politecnico di Milano).

January 2023

August 2022

June 2023

Conference presentation

Dr.-Ing. Maja Kevdzija presented the new research project BUILD CARE - Building Support for Children and Families Affected by Childhood Stroke at the EDRA54: Environment and Health conference at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City. She also served as one of the mentors at the Graduate Student Workshop.

September 2023

Presentation at the FDST Research Symposium

Dr.-Ing. Maja Kevdzija gave a presentation entitled "The role of the built environment in stroke survivors‘ mobility, activity and well-being" at the 4th Research Symposium of the Fürst Donnersmarck-Stiftung in Berlin. The theme of this year's symposium was "Interactions. Neurological rehabilitation between research and application."

August 2023

New book chapter

A new book chapter entitled “Mobility, independence, and spatial distance in rehabilitation centres for stroke" authored by Maja Kevdzija and Gesine Marquardt was published in the book Building Health and Wellbeing edited by Stephen Emmitt (UK) and published by Routledge. This book expands on the 50th-anniversary special issue of the Building Research & Information (BRI) journal dedicated to health and wellbeing.